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Host Darrell “DC” Catron, will interview police officers and other staff of the Memphis Police Department for a deep dive into issues that impact the community. Topics will include community policing, gangs, and a look at the various positions within the police department and the role they play in protecting the community. Best in Blue listeners will become familiar with many of the unheralded areas of the Memphis Police Department, including community and civic initiatives.

Dec 20, 2017

BEST In BLUE featuring Crimestopper's Buddy Chapman and the Real-Time Crime Center! 

Dec 8, 2017

On this episode of BEST In BLUE, D.C. and MPD Director Michael Rallings interview Sam Faulkner, CEO of Response To Resistance.  Response To Resistance has established comprehensive guidelines on what constitutes reasonable responses to various types of resistive and/or aggressive situations. When police are faced with...

Nov 19, 2017

Memphis Police Department's Organized Crime Unit visits BEST In BLUE to discuss the Opioid crisis sweeping the country.  Colonel Paul Wright and Lt. Terence Jackson dig in to many of the finer details of the proliferation of opioid drugs and heroin. 

Oct 4, 2017

Best In Blue visits with Major Lambert Ross of the MPD Violent Crimes Unit.  They discuss:

  • What defines a violent crime
  • What is the state of violent crimes in Memphis and the US. 
  • Violent Crimes vs. Homicide 
  • Your neighborhood is your DOMAIN, we will help you if you allow us.